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Where Has the Time Gone?

About a year ago, we started out on the journey called Higher Ed Solo. If you want the whole story, watch our first video post. Long story short, we wanted to make a place for interviews with, resources for, and reinforcement for the Armies of One that we knew were out there in droves.

We’ve gotten a boatload of positive reinforcement in the past year. We’ve made new friends and learned that we have lots of the same problems – no matter if we’re working as a solo in higher ed or on a team of 20. We need to work on communication with stakeholders and co-workers. We need to find a quicker, more cost-effective way to do ALL THE THINGS. That’s where Higher Ed Solo has tried to fill in the holes, and we’d like to think big teams and solo practitioners can learn from the stuff we talk about here.

So, the time has come to take our little piece of the interwebs to a greater audience. That’s why we’re so happy to announce that we’ll be working with EDUniverse and Higher Ed Live on a new channel – SoloLive.


We’ll be on the Higher Ed Live network beginning in July at 1 p.m. Eastern (noon Central) on the third Wednesday of each month. Our show will air once a month to begin, and we anticipate moving to twice a month in January 2014.

That means our first show is on July 17. EEP!

For SoloLive, we’ll be running the gamut on the sorts of issues people are facing day to day generic viagra in their jobs. How to “do it all” is a common theme among the solo set, and we face it ourselves everyday. We’ll talk about how to manage these things and not just talking about them from 25,000 feet as we might do on the blog, but we’ll use the show as a way to really get deeper with guests and give people takeaways. If folks are going to join us for their lunch period, we ought to give them something they can take with them that might be useful as soon as that afternoon. It’s a challenge, but we’re looking forward to it.

We envision structuring the show more like a conference session in a mini-format – with questions – than a show where the viewers sit and listen. We want you all involved because we’ve also learned that the community has lots of good ideas and resources.

We’ll talk about things ranging from how to use social media better to specific tools. We will bring in guests – from small and large teams and solo shops – who can lend expertise to the conversation. As you know, being #armiesofone is hard work and we’ll need you contributing and participating to make it a worthwhile experience. But we’re excited to bring the best of higher ed to you in this new format in the hopes of expanding the conversations.

Over the past year, we’ve met so many of you all at conferences all over the country and doing so has really inspired us. Thanks for everything and we hope you join us for this new adventure!

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Are you watching Higher Ed Live tomorrow?

Ok, so this post isn’t explicitly about #28DaysSolo. But it’s important anyway. (And it’s a big part of the progress game!)

Tomorrow at 7pm eastern, both halves of the Higher Ed Solo team (Tonya Oaks Smith & Ron Bronson) will be on Higher Ed Live. You might saying, weren’t you guys just on two weeks ago? Yes we were! You can see it here in case you missed that episode, talking about Work Hacks and Getting Things Done.

This time, Ron is hosting and Tonya will join an all-star panel of guests including Alaina Wiens, Amanda Costello, Sven Aas and John Hansen will be discussing Big Ideas In A Higher Ed World – Blogging, and Conferences, and Sharing!

Some of the things we’ll be asking the panel include:

  • Speaking events and conference presenting. The Hows and Why. Maybe you’re interested but don’t know where to start? Looking for new ways to branch out and fight your fears?
  • Other ways to share big (and little) ideas. Not as interested in doing large crowds, but want to get out there and share with colleagues? We’ll discuss conference organizing and other ways to get involved.
  • So much more! We’ll talk benefits of presenting, we’ll talk being more engaged in Twitter, Facebook, blogging and whatever topics you want to tweet.Use the hashtag #higheredlive. See you tomorrow night at 7pm eastern!
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On Being A Solo (Higher Ed Live)

One half of the Higher Ed Solo team was featured on Higher Ed Live with host Seth Odell back on December 6th. Ron talked about Surviving as a Solo in Higher Ed.

So if you missed that episode, here’s the video:

Stay tuned for an episode of the show in February where the other half of Higher Ed Solo – Tonya Oaks Smith – gets her turn on Higher Ed Live.