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A call for hosts

Happy 2014 Armies of One!

Tonya and Ron in fitting fashion have in 2014 both started new jobs. (Within a month of each other, no less.)

In both cases, they’ve gone from being Armies of One to leading teams themselves. With that change, it seems fitting that we pass on the mantle of Higher Ed Solo to some other intrepid souls out there who are looking for a platform to showcase their success, challenges and more of being Armies of One. We envision several people doing this, rather than just one person having to inherit it, but we’d like to think there’s a good foundation for continuing to elevate the conversation of solos and small teams to a wider world.

We still have¬†lots to say on the topic, too. We just think it’s time to hear from some new voices, as we take on other challenges.

If you’re interested in being part of a blogger team at Higher Ed Solo — including possibly hosting recorded video interviews and chats –¬†drop us an email and we’ll get back to you about the details. Writing doesn’t bind you to anything, but we’ve always been big advocates of identifying talented people who have something to say. So here’s a chance to inherit a platform that’s already existing.

We hope to hear from you!

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On trust

Do you struggle with writing? I often do. It’s National Novel Writing Month, so I’m trying to make a more conscious effort to record my thoughts.

This led me to think about the idea of trust. So often, our inability to write isn’t from a lack of things to say as much as it’s a fear of trusting ourselves to be smart enough or credible in what we’re saying.

Have you ever had that out of body experience where you’re talking, it’s going well and you almost stop and think “wait, is it ME sounding that smart?” I have that from time to time and it comes from not always trusting yourself.

The other thing I’ve experienced is the phenomenon where you don’t know how prepared someone else is, so you want t interrupt them to get it right. I don’t do this much ever because it’s rude, but when you’re playing doubles on a tennis court with someone want you have their back. Sometimes so much that you get in their way.

Let people work through their paces. Sometimes, getting your footing is a matter of planting your feet and having everything where it needs to be. But you can’t do that if someone else is always intervening.

This week, trust yourself and write that thing you’d been meaning to share. You just don’t know who’ll be impacted.