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An Army of One (reprise)

By Ron Bronson (@ronbronson)

This was the video (from my own blog) that initiated the conversation between Tonya and I about “armies of one” and working solo in higher ed. I’ve re-posted it here because it seems like a good place for it to be.

I’ve been thinking a bit about this topic and decided to make it the maiden voyage of the videoblogging edition of my blog. There are tons of good ideas out there, lots of brilliance happening in the higher ed space. But how much of that thought is geared towards one person or small organizations?

I think there’s a penchant to believe that everyone is hearing everything that’s out there. That if we’re producing it and if the myriad of conferences out there are talking about it, that people are going to go home even at the smallest places and be able to implement all of these awesome ideas at a high level.

Of course, it doesn’t work that way. What does that mean for the tastemaker/thought leader types out there? I don’t really know, because most people have their own schools to worry about and despite all of the collegiality that goes on, things can be competitive to the point where only so much can be truly be shared.

Who I’m really targeting is all of those firms and startups out there who might trying to ship something or fulfill a need or close a gap. Having spent the majority (gah) of my career thus far in rural areas around the country, it’s become increasing apparent that there’s a low-to-mid range institutions that most of the top firms aren’t going to waste their time with and that smaller firms outside of their regions can’t get to because they don’t often know those people are there.